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Our Staff

#3 TLC Lane / St. Clair, MO  63077
Phone 636-629-5800 / Fax 636-629-6500
Neil Dickhaus Neil Dickhaus General Manager
Andy VanLoenen Andy VanLoenen Purchasing
Jeff Watson Jeff Watson HR and Inventory Management
Tammy Brock Tammy Brock Accounting
Alysha Kamper Alysha Kamper Accounting and Logistics
Sandra Smith Sandra Smith Accounting
Jim Prince Jim Prince Customer Service
Maria Jimenez Maria Jimenez Customer Service
Dave Landstra Dave Landstra Customer Service
Dan Stoffey Dan Stoffey Customer Service
Kevin Winiger Kevin Winiger Customer Service
Mike Slover Mike Slover Customer Service
Joe Rampani Joe Rampani Maintenance Supervisor
Aaron Blumhorst and Dave Hunt Aaron Blumhorst and Dave Hunt Warehouse Managers
Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Staff