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Pic Description Wt
  TL10 Work Light 2 Wre 24V 1.24
 TL35/46 Rectangle Utility 3"x5" Trapezoid Beam 1.50
 Opti-Brite 3LED Work Light Sq Black Housing Retail Box 0.38
 Opti-Brite 6LED Work Light Rd 0.98
 Opti-Brite 8LED Work Light Rd 1.39
 Opti-Brite 9LED Work Light Sq 1.76
 Opti-Brite 9LED Work Light Sq Trapeziod Beam 1.76

Photos are for reference only; the actual part may show minor variances from the picture

Opti-Brite 6LED Work Light Sq 1.14
 Opti-Brite 9LED Work Light Sq 1.00
 Opti-Brite 1LED Work Light Sq 0.50
 Opti-Brite 3LED Work Light Sq Black Housing 0.38
 Opti-Brite 3LED Work Light Sq White Housing 0.38
 Opti-Brite 9LED Work Light Sq Spot Beam 1.51
 Opti-Brite 8LED Work Light Sq Heavy Duty 3.53
 Opti-Brite 8LED Work Light Sq Heavy Duty Shock Mount 3.53
 Opti-Brite 6LED Work Light ThinLine 0.95
 Opti-Brite 4LED Work Light Sq 1.41
 Opti-Brite 6LED Work Light Sq 1.41
 Opti-Brite 9LED Work Light Sq 1.41
 Opti-Brite 9LED Work Light Sq 1.50
 Opti-Brite 9LED Work Light Sq 1.61
 Opti-Brite 6LED Work Light Black Housing 0.70
 Opti-Brite 9LED Work Light Sq Flood Beam 1.40

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