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Order a Catalog?

BWP-NSI does not publish printed sales catalogs or price lists.

The cost of publishing a sales catalog and price list are extremely high and the written catalog and price list will quickly become out of date. NSI provides everyone with this on-line catalog and price list which is continuously updated to reflect our new cross references, new products, new prices (both higher and lower), and our current inventory levels.

It would be impossible to provide all this information in a written catalog and price list , and it would be very costly to provide just a portion of this information. NSI feels that our application and cross reference sections of this website are much more useful than a written catalog.

In the cross reference section - just type in any complete, or incomplete cross reference number, and our cross reference lookup will provide you with the picture, description, cost, and inventory quantity of the desired part.

One can quickly and easily tell if the cross reference found is for the correct part.

BWP-NSI: A strong commitment to customer service, quality parts, and reasonable prices.